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One of the miserable bane’s of a dog’s life is losing their fur or hair. You don’t like to look at the results, and your dog doesn’t like the irritation that most often is the cause of the problem. If your dog suffers from this problem you know what we mean. Chances are good at some point you may well have to deal with one or more of the causes discussed in articles on this website. There are several principal reasons for this uncomfortable and visually unhealthy looking condition. This website has several informational articles that deal with some of the major causes of this unsightly and irritable state for your dog. We hope you find the information valuable.

These articles are not meant to be the end all answer to every condition or provide deep solutions. Rather, this website contains articles which will help you potentially identify a situation your dog may be experiencing. Some of the symptoms of the various causes of your dog’s hair loss problem are similar. These symptom point to health issues your dog is experiencing.

Providing help and relief for your pet, when they appear to be suffering so, is a major need for pet lovers. There are, in most cases, helps you can offer your ailing dog . . . good hygiene and nutrition are good starts. In severe cases of the malady or disease, or if your just aren’t sure, you will be best served to consult with your veterinarian. Early detection and treatment can alieve you dog of a great deal of mental and physical stress. Dog hair loss is a blight which neither you or your dog wants to go through.

We recommend you start the articles with “Dog Hair Loss Overview” which gives you a snapshot of some of the more prominent causes of dog hair loss. There will be links to articles with more information and explanation on these leading causes.

We make this disclaimer for obvious reasons, but feel the information provided is worthwhile and helpful for those who have a dog with one of these problems–which could be the culprit for your dog’s hair loss:

The information contained in the articles on this website is provided for information purposes only. The articles are not written by veterinarians per se. As such, the information should not be considered as a replacement for the advice of a veterinarian. Great care is made in the creation of these articles; however, we cannot guarantee their accuracy and/or omissions. In all cases where doubt may exist, we recommend seeking appropriate professional veterinary advice and assistance.Again, we hope you find the information provided helpful and worthwhile. Please feel free to share this website and/or its articles with friends.

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