General Dog Dermatitis


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Dog Dermatitis

is a a catch all term often used with inflammatory skin ailments which can cause hair loss in dogs.  There are specific causes for different types of dermatitis.  Some of them may be transient or chronic.  Dermatitis in any form can affect the dog and its overall health.  As previously noted the sheen of the dog is often an indicator of problems–some of which may be associated with dermatitis.

Constant or incessant scratching by your dog is usually the very first sign there is a problem. This is the sign you need to look deeper into what may be causing the problem. Some things can be noticed by the naked eye, while others will require more in-depth diagnosis–perhaps visiting your veterinarian.

Some of the types of causes that could cause dog hair loss may include:

flea bites
drug reactions
exposure to toxins
breed-specific or genetic predispositions
metabolic and endocrine disorders (hormonal imbalances)
nutrition imbalances or deficiencies
contact with irritating substances
food sensitivities or allergies

On this website are articles that deal with most of these causes.  Diagnosis and types of treatment are provided in these articles to help you help your dog.  Most of the causes are symptomatic to the dog scratching or licking to relieve some of the irritation and itching they may be experiencing.  <<< Return to Dog Hair Loss Overview

The information contained in the articles on this website is provided for information purposes only. The articles are not written by veterinarians per se. As such, the information should not be considered as a replacement for the advice of a veterinarian. Great care is made in the creation of these articles; however, we cannot guarantee their accuracy and/or omissions. In all cases where doubt may exist, we recommend seeking appropriate professional veterinary advice and assistance.

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